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1999Telephone follow-up and one year reassessment of elderly clients from a fall clinic in Hong KongHo, Chi-fai Anthony
2003Three-dimensional measurement of posture and movements of the neck, shoulder and scapulaGould, Judith Anne
2002To compare the relative effectiveness between manual acupuncture and electro-acupuncture on the patients with chronic tennis elbowTsui, Yat-wa Paul
2009To evaluate an intensive computerized training program on handwriting for children with cerebral palsyWong, Fat
2000To investigate the dynamic balance performance for elderly Tai Chi and non-Tai Chi practitionersWong, Suk-wai Vivian
2013To investigate the effects of Long's Manipulation (LM) for patient with chronic mechanical neck pain : a randomized control trialLin, Jian-hua
2007To investigate the effects of the fear-avoidance beliefs on Chinese patients with neck painLee, Kwok-chung
2011To investigate the immediate and long term effects of thoracic manipulation (TM) in patients with chronic mechanical neck pain : a randomized controlled trialLau, Mun-cheung Herman
2008To study the change of pressure generated by pressure garments upon active limb movementsLam, Shuk-yan
2021Transcranial direct current stimulation as an adjunct to cognitive training for older adults with mild cognitive impairmentCruz Gonzalez, Pablo
2009Translation and validation of Chinese version of International Knee Documentation Committee-Subjective Knee FormChan, Yat-hing Robbins
2006Treatment of upper extremity paresis using transcutaneous electrical stimulation during acute strokeAu-Yeung, Suk-yin Stephanie
2008Treatment of upper limb paresis by transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and task-related training during chronic strokeBi, Sheng
2015Unconsciously implanted memory in the presence of cholecystokinin retrieved in a behaviorally relevant contextZhang, Zicong
2005The use of examination on auricular acupuncture zones as health screening testWan, Wan Sharon
2002The use of goal attainment scaling in the evaluation of gross motor changes in children with cerebral palsyDai, Oi-sheung Mandy
2003Use of modified Northwick Park Neck Pain Questionnaire in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) : validation studyYeung, Lai-ching
2019The use of pulsed electromagnetic field to promote diabetic wound healing in different wound modelsKwan, Lai Chu Rachel
1998The use of the chinese version work personality profile in assessing employability of psychiatric day patients in Hong KongChan, Cap Siu-ching
2001Using a sit-and-forward reach test to predict the mobility outcomes of patients with acute strokeTsang, Yuk-lan Emily