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2016Degradation of antibiotics by advanced oxidation processes under irradiation of VUV and UV lightLi, Yaru
2018Degradation of sulfadiazine with advance oxidation process based on ozoneJin, Qiutong
2014Design and analysis of steel frames to LFRD (2010) and EC3 (2005)Lin, Sang
2015A design and development of mobile app for supporting tree managementPoon, Nga-yi Kelly
2018Design of portal frames by linear and second order analysis methodsShen, Bingyi
2014Detection of landslide with multi-resolution DEMLi, Chiyuan
2013Detection, drift velocity estimation and characteristics analysis of ionospheric disturbance over Hong KongHe, Ziwei
2014Development of biologically and geometrically inspired methods for automatic detection of rail surface defectsMeng, Ling Qiao
2014Development of GIS-based urban road traffic noise model in Hong KongGao, Yunfang
2015Development of high resolution satellite image classification method in land use and land cover mappingHu, Jinyuan
2015Development of hybrid super-capacitor and lead-acid battery energy storage systemsGu, Guangyue
2014Development of prototype of personal integrated environmental monitoring systemYip, Tsan Pong Willy
2014DOM and DEM generation from lunar orbit imagery in sinus iridum area and applications in topographic analysisLou, Yitao
2014Durability and bond performance of basalt textiles in geopolymer matrixZhu, Zhuohui
2013Dynamic land use change and sustainable urban development in Taizhou city, Jiangsu Province during 2002-2010 periodGu, Wei
2019Eco-particleboard production from construction wood wasteYuan, Mengduo
2013Ecological and sustainable public open space for a dense cityCheng, Wen Lan
2013Effect of NH₃on indoor reactive oxygen species formation from ozone/D-limonene reactionsWang, Jiaping
2013Effect of NH₃on the formation of indoor secondary organic aerosols from monoterpene/ozone reactionsNiu, Xinyi
2018Effect of salinity on anammox process treating low-strength wastewaterWang, Yongli