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2015Ocean wind analysis based on GPS reflected signalYang, Li
2017Optimization of land use patterns in small cities based on commuting behaviour research : a case study of Yangzhong, ChinaFang, Weixuan
2014Performance appraisal on modern building envelopes under repeated applications of wind actionsQin, Jie-qiong
2018The performance characteristics of grouted macadam based on sulphoaluminate cement (SAC)Chen, Xingyu
2018Performance of tall buildings under typhoons considering climate change effectsWang, Jiayao
2017Personalized 3D human body modelling and real-time motion tracking based on kinect v2Zeng, Cong
2016Photocatalytic degradation of ibuprofen by UV/Fe3O4/TiO2 processTan, Yan
2017Photodegradation of sulfadiazine in the peroxymonosulfate/UV system in water solution and real effluent and affecting factorsZhou, Ruiqi
2015Positioning performance analysis of multiple GNSS systems in urban environmentQiu, Shenping
2015Positioning performance of Beidou satellite navigation system with multiple-frequencyGao, Yue
2013Possible improvement of performance of water mist fire suppression system by chemical additivesChen, Xi
2016Preparation and characterization of glycerol-montmorillonoid modified asphalt rubber mixtureGuo, Jing
2018Pull-out resistances of metal panel-to-clip attachments under static and cyclic loadsHuang, Shengtao
2018Quantifying spatial enhanced index system for age-friendly city with a case study in Hong KongPan, Tong
2016Recreational business district and residential properties development : a case study of COCO Park in ShenzhenYao, Zongling
2016Recycling alum sludge into controlled low-strength materials for backfill useZou, Fuliao
2013Recycling waste materials and dredged sediment by stabilization/solidification : optimizing the design mixtureWang, Lei
2013Regional distribution of foreign direct investment in real estate industry in ChinaZhu, Rui
2013Removal of endocrine disrupting compound (EDC) in water in a heterogeneous Photo-Fenton process with nanoparticulate zero-valent ironZhao, Kecheng
2015Research of aerosol optical thickness retrieval through refining aerosol type by OPACWang, Hui