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2019Accumulated effective optical flow feature for micro-expression recognitionLi, Junxian
2019Action recognition : improvements for spatio-temporal laplacian pyramid codingGong, Chenhui
2019Action recognition using deep learning modelsLiu, Peng
2016Active noise control for fan ductZhang, Yanan
2017Adaptive kalman filter for GNSS/INS integration based on PIXHAWK for UAV applicationsZhang, Guohao
2019Additive manufacturing-driven design and fabrication of nanocomposite sensing units for ultrasonics-based structural health monitoringPan, Dongyue
2013Advanced power flow computationNiu, Linghui
2017Aerodynamics of VTOL UAVXu, Penghui
2019Age-invariant face recognition for high resolution face imagesKong, Minna
2017Analysis and design of an X-shaped structure based vibration energy harvesting systemZhou, Junjie
2014Analysis and development of short-distance wired communicationsNg, Chi-wai
2017Analysis of linear induction motor (LIM) application in railway vehiclesZhang, Yuyang
2013Analysis of the coupling effect on ultrasonic lamb wave propagation in the coupled mediumLiu, Mingran
2019Analysis on the propulsion of the acoustically actuated artificial micro-swimmerLiu, Jinan
2017Application of feedback control system in hazardous wastes incineratorChan, Man Hung
2019Applications of error diffusion in sub-pixel based downsamplingHuang, Zixun
2016Aptamer selection and clinical application for C-reactive protein (CRP) based on magnetic-assisted rapid aptamer selection (MARAS)Li, Huanhao
2014Architecture design of QC-LDPC decoder with cyclicly-coupled codesLu, Qing
2019Automated blood detection for endoscopic imagesXu, Nan
2013A battery switching logistics operations model for electric vehiclesWong, Wai Chi