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2016Optimal design of switched reluctance motor based on numerical computationZhang, Hengyu
2013Optimal dispatch for integrating renewable energy to the gridTong, Zhou
2012Optimal reactive power dispatchWang, Zhen
2014Optimisation of micro-grid systemTam, Serena Dorothy Man Hong
2014Optimization of aerodynamic performance for a hovering model flapping wing using CFDZhang, Hao
2016Optimization of multi-attribute multi-label object recognition using support vector machineCui, Zhenxi
2014Optimization of sparse sensor networks for damage identification using binary particle swarm optimizationWu, Bing
2014Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) for optical communicationZhang, Hao
2016Performance analysis and optimal design of dual permanent magnet motors for EV driveMa, Yue
2014Performance-based regulation in Hong Kong electricity marketZhao, Yong Jin
2019Plant recognition through deep learningSun, Guoqing
2014Pose-invariant face recognitionWang, Jiannan
2014Power conversion techniques for energy storage systemsKong, Liting
2013Power delivery to remote sensors over optical fiberWang, Danyang
2010Predicting nitrogen oxides emissions of tangentially coal-fired boilersLee, Chun-leung
2019Preparation and characterizations of a honeycomb-like porous carbon film for electrochemical energy storage systemsChen, Peilin
2016Preparation of one-dimension NaNbO₃ and its photocatalytic property for hydrogen generationXu, Jia
2012Probabilistic load flow analysis for modern power systemsChai, Songjian
2017Probabilistic small signal stability analysis based on monte carlo methodZou, Yuwei
2011Probability density of the magnitude of indoor fadingHu, Jinzhen