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2015A general design strategy of acoustic resonators for noise control within low-frequency bandHu, Zhongyu
2011GP-based financial market forecastWu, Shanlei
2017Graphene-metal nanocomposite in energy applicationsLu, Xiao
2019High performance and scalable perovskite photovoltaic devicesCui, Li
2018High performance fiber reinforced polymer composites for lightning strike protectionSu, Yiyin
2020High speed and high quality laser cutting of electrodes in mass production environmentZhang, Songling
2016Impacts of bus merging behavior on bus and car queues at harbor-shaped bus stopsXiang, Mei
2013Implementation of Cyclic-Layered QC-LDPC decoder on FPGAFan, Jianfeng
2014Implementation of TCP/IP protocol based on FPGAChen, Cheng
2015Improved expectation-maximization framework for speech enhancement based on a novel iterative noise estimator and speech presence probability estimationLi, Tingtian
2020Improving PCBA manufacturing process performance by adopting data-driven approach, design of experiment and predictive analyticsFung, Wah Cheong Vincent
2020An industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) system for smart manufacturing of electronics productsYuen, Shun Ming
2005Innovative techniques for the testing of multimode mobilesLeung, Hung-fung Michael
2018Integrated optimal design of permanent magnet in-wheel motorsWang, Heshou
2013Integrating distributed renewable energy sourcesJiang, Chong
2019An intelligent e-healthcare system for domestic care industryWong, Siu Fung Bennie
2019Intelligent shadow matching based on improved multi-classifier for urban positioningXu, Haosheng
2022Investigation of digital image forensics techniques for video applicationLaw, Sai Chung
2017Investigation of wireless charging lanes for electric vehiclesChen, Kaiwen
2016Islanding detection for distributed generationLi, Li