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1999Managerial dimensions affecting organisation performance : a case studyWong, Chi-wing
2013Managing interruptions in virtual collaboration : an empirical study in the textile businessFang, Siyan
2013Markdown money policies in textiles and clothing supply chains : a multi-methodological studyShen, Bin
2000The market potential of environmental clothing products in the Hong Kong retail industryWong, Jenny
1999Market potential of uniform wear in Hong KongCheung, Mei-yi Maggie
2008Maternity garment treatment for the relief of low back painHo, Sin-man Simone
2000Maximizing Hong Kong designers and developers' performance in the fashion and clothing industry by means of research and developmentLee, Man-kin Terence
2009Mechanisms of pilling formation and reduction by attrition methodsLi, Wai-man Raymond
1999Mechanisms of yarn twist blockage caused by frictional contactGuo, Baoping
2004Microstructure and water vapor transport properties of temperature sensitive polyurethanesDing, Xuemei
2014Modelling and optimization of material purchasing process in apparel supply chainLi, Zhi
2003Modification of ramie fabric with alkali and crosslinking treatment for wrinkle resistanceZhou, Li-ming
2007Multi-functional protective nano-finishing of textile materialsWang, Ronghua
2017Multi-functional thermoresponsive hydrogel and application on textile for skin and wound careWang, Xiaowen
2004Multi-scale study of textile composites under large deformation for energy absorptionLam, Sin-wan Peggie
2009Nano composite phase change materials microcapsulesSong, Qingwen
2012Nano-scale surface modification and functionalization for textile materialsTsoi, Wing-yu Iris
2011New methods of evaluating breast motion in braless and sports bra conditionsZhou, Jie
2011Novel hyperbranched macromolecules as modifiers in biodegradable nanocompositesWang, Yanming
2012Novel surface treatment for fashion garmentsYuan, Guoxiang