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1997Warehouse cargo space allocation helperTsao, Chi-wai
2001Watermark techniques for digital imagesHo, Ka-po Salina
2002Waterproofing techniques & methodologies on repair of basement & superstructure constructionCheng, Cheong-kwai
1996Wavelet localization of tomography image reconstructionChan, Wai-yeung
1997Wavelet transformation in image processingChan, Sing-ping Edwin
2000Web document categorization using tree matching algorithmChong, Chi-yin
1999Web secure information exchange using SSLLui, Kan Alfred
2000The Web-based class reservation systemWong, Ka-kit Keith
2000Web-based spatial data mining on air pollution meteorologyAu, Sze-wan Sandra
2001WEBGOP : collaborative Web services using Graph Oriented ProgrammingChan, Che-keung
2000What explains regional economy growth in ChinaCheung, Chi-wai
1997What happens in a company after it installs a quality system (ISO 9002)?: a Hong Kong case study : a switch manufacturerLeung, Wai-sang
2002What makes an office building 'Grade A'?Lo, Kam-chuen
1995Whether quality assurance circle would facilitate the development of transformational leadership in hospitalWong, Simon Kin-leung
2003Why transit passengers don't visit Hong Kong?Tang, Shuk-yi Esther
2000The willingness of nurses in setting challenging goals : the influence of organizational factors as moderated by professionalismChan, Po-yin Vivian
2001Wind induced vibration of a tall building and its control using linear viscous dampersChan, Wai-kee
2000Wireless ATM network study and performance analysis of the Dynamic Packet Reservation Multiple Access protocolChung, Kin-ting
1997Withdrawal cognitions of employee turnover : an investigation of its predictors and moderatorsCheung, Ching-han Grace
1996Withdrawal cognitions of employee turnover : an investigation of its predictors and moderatorsChan, Mei-ying, Sheron