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2008Beliefs about appropriate pain behaviour : gender differences between health care professionals and non-health care professionals in Hong KongLeung, Siu-man.
2008Breastfeeding knowledge, self-efficacy, and demographic factors influencing exclusive breastfeeding practices among Hong Kong Chinese womenKu, Ching-man
2002Can we talk about death?Cheung, Chi-man
2004Care providers' perspectives of tube-feeding decision-making for patients with advanced dementiaChan, Yu-hong
2005Caring for stroke-impaired elderly family members : a study of family adaptation in a Chinese contextLee, Lai-tong Regina
2007Chinese female nurses' perceptions of and sensitivity towards male genitalia related careZang, Yuli
2009Clinical evaluation of non-invasive blood glucose measurement by using near infrared spectroscopy via inter- and intra-subject analysisLam, Chak-hing
2007Clinical evaluation of the effect of an alternative topical essential oil on clients with tinea pedisChan, Po-ming
2006Collaborative action research in child health promotion : a school nursing experienceWu, Sau-ting Cynthia
2005A community-based and family-centered care approach for stroke survivors in Wuhan city of China (Part I)Li, Sijian
2005A community-based and family-centered care approach for stroke survivors in Wuhan city of China (Part II)Li, Sijian
2007Comparative study of the antimicrobial activities of three antiseptics : a pilot studyWu, Sin-ying
2009A comparison of effectiveness in hand washing technique using computer assisted teaching (CAT) method and conventional teaching method among children with mental retardation (MR)Wong, Pui-kwan Anita
2002A comparison of the characteristics of elderly people with dementia and the needs of their caregivers in community and institutional settingsTse, Lai-kwan Donna
2002A comparison of the upper and lower body forced-air warming blankets during abdominal surgeryWong, Ying-hon
2009Comparison of two models of nurse-led hypertension clinics in a primary health care settingChiu, Wai-hing Caroline
2010A comparison on effect of music on relaxation amongst people with and without music trainingTung, Ling-ngai
2008A comparison on the disinfecting effect of patchouli essential oil and Clorox(R) for gram positive and gram negative bacteriaTam, May-nar
2004Concurrent validation of the Adolescent Health Quotient Questionnaire (AHQQ)Chiu, Kwan-yin
2008Construction & validation of the Working with Dysphagia Questionnaire (WDQ) : an investigation on dysphagia knowledge & feeding practices of direct care staff in residential settingsNgai, Ka-yan