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2022Wearable electronics based on polyamide fibrous membrane powered by hydrogeneratorYang, Su
2010Web crawling : duplication and freshness of web pagesChoi, Kam-chang
2007Web crippling behaviour in cold-formed steel profiled deckings under lateral concentrated loadsTse, Wai-tak
2000Web document categorization using tree matching algorithmChong, Chi-yin
2015Web GIS application for Hong Kong tourismYau, Eviza
1999Web secure information exchange using SSLLui, Kan Alfred
2007A Web service framework to support workflow compositionTso, Kin-ying
2010Web vulnerabilities exploitation and preventionLi, Ka-wui
2003A Web-based business network for demand managementYu, Man-ting Blanche
2004Web-based call center for operational improvement of multinational organizationsYeung, Kit-ho Saint
2000The Web-based class reservation systemWong, Ka-kit Keith
2010Web-based data mining and discovery of useful herbal ingredients (WD²UHI)Wong, Ho Kei Jackei
2001A web-based expert system for touristChow, Kin-man
2003A Web-based interface to reengineer shipping department of a Hong Kong companyTo, Lai-seung
2002Web-based legal advisory systemLuk, Ching-yee Amy.
2004A web-based platform for supply chain management in a Hong Kong air cargo terminal operatorWan, Sai-chu Agnes
2000Web-based spatial data mining on air pollution meteorologyAu, Sze-wan Sandra
2001A web-based system supporting tourist risk systemHo, Benjamin
2001WEBGOP : collaborative Web services using Graph Oriented ProgrammingChan, Che-keung
2002WebPADS : a Web proxy for actively deployable servicesChuang, Siu-nam