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2008A workflow management for an offshore development centreLi, Han
1998Workflow management system on tee-time bookingTang, Chi-keung Jonny
1998A workflow system for document managementFung, Yee-sin
1999Workplace aggression and coping responses : the moderating effects of personality characteristicsChan, Choi-ngan Silver
2015Workplace context and its effect on individual competencies and performance in work and project teamsRozhkov, Mikhail
2007Would the addition of voltaren emulgel to tens enhance its effectiveness of reducing OA knee pain?Chan, Kin-lung
2007Wrinkle-resistant finishes on cotton fabric using nanotechnologyLo, Lok-yuen
2012Write-activity-aware NAND flash memory management for PCM-based embedded systemsLiu, Duo
2019Written discourse analysis of newsletterWong, Hoi Ling
2006XBRL data structure, application and searchingLeong, Kong-sang Kelvin
2022Xerogel-based Cu electrode inkjet printed on plastic substrateWang, Shuaichen
2007XFlash : an Ajax web application design framework with model-driven methodologyWong, Zheng.
2007An XML-based model-driven framework for geodata exchangeXu, Zhu
2004Xstream : a framework for efficient streaming of XML documents over wireless environmentWong, Yu-chun Eugene
2007Yantai backpacker tourism development explorationMao, Xin Sophie
2018YAPI : an automated location privacy benchmarking tool for smartphone usersWang, Shucheng
2021Yard allocation problem with time dimension at seaport terminalWang, Tiantian
2007Yearning for zaan or home : gender, development and home in Zhuang women's narratives on migration in a Southwest Chinese villageXiang, Rong
2007YM 煤業集團多元化戰略研究劉向薇; Liu, Xiangwei
2002Youth volunteering of children and youth centre : factors of the sustainability of volunteersFan, Yiu-cheun Sunny