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2017Hotel revenue management integration in Asia an organizational behaviour perspectiveJenjuabjit, Suporn
2004Hotel sanitation and crisis management after SARS : a study of four and five star hotels in Xiamen, ChinaXu, Muhan Jeremy
2011Hotel uniform accounting in the special administrative regions of China : current and future issuesNi, Shanshan
2012Hotel websites as corporate communicationSuen, On Yi
2018House M.D. and creativity : a corpus linguistic systemic functional multimodal discourse analysis approachLaw, Lok Hei
2011Housing production and restructuring of spatial relations in contemporary ChinaZhang, Ludan
2013Housing settlement for migrant workers in China : a case study of ShenzhenTao, Li
2012How am I supposed to live without you : an investigation of antecedents and consequences of workplace ostracismXu, Hanhua
2014How authentic texts are simplified and teachers' perceptions : a study of a tale of two citiesXu, Qian
1998How can Hong Kong exporters develop a good relationship with their customers in foreign markets?Ser, Chak-lam
1997How can information system planning strategy enable agricultural business in PRC to integrate into the global economyTam, Oi-kam Katherine
2015How can prior visual experience modulate cross auditory-spatial learning in blind individuals?Tao, Qian
2005How can Zhejiang take advantage of educational tourism opportunities?Shen, Leiyan Leeanne
2016How CEO entrepreneurial orientation influences exploration and exploitative innovation : the moderating role of CEO capability, firm resources and environmental uncertainty简世雄; Chien, Shih-hsiung James
2011How customers assess rebranding strategy : the impact of perceived brand image similarity and loyalty before rebrandingLiu Shuk-woon
2017How do green hotel attributes contribute to customer's pro-environmental intentions in Vietnam?Ho, Le Thu Trang
2012How do land, labour, capital, and property rights affect prices and urbanisation?Constantini, Aldo
2002How do students learn from activities in self-instructional materials for distance education courses?Lo, Wai-wai Anna
1997How do the board structures of listed companies in Hong Kong affect the interests of their shareholdersSo, Rebecca Kam-king
2011How do worldviews shape self-views? : an examination of the causality between cynicism and self-esteemLam, Chun-pan