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2014Identification of structural damage based on locally perturbed dynamic equilibrium : a "pseudo-excitation" (PE) techniqueXu, Hao
2007Identification of the effect of biomass burning on trace gases and aerosol at the remote sites of ChinaWong, Kam-hang Daniel
2018Identifying gene-gene interactions associated with complex diseases and complex traitsZhou, Xiangdong
2012Identifying hotel industry required competencies and influences on job satisfaction and organizational commitment in KoreaJoe, Dahl
2014Identifying influential users by their postings in social networksSun, Beiming
2007Identifying myopia susceptibility genes by family-based association studyTang, Wing-chun
2000Identifying obstacles and consumer selection criteria for a new web based publishing service : publishing on demandHui, Wai-to Ricky
2017Identifying risk factors for severe injuries in rugby playersMirsafaei Rizi, Rezvan
2000Identifying success factors for information systems outsourcing : a public sector perspective in the HKSARLam, Yan-yan Irene
2000Identifying the needs of Chinese family caregivers of children with cancer in Hong KongKuan, Hau-yee
2015Identifying the needs of patients with hepatocellolar carcinoma (HCC) during treatment in Hong Kong and comparison with nurses' perceptionsKo, Hiu Ki Joanna
2012Identifying tyre influence on tyre/road noise emission using Close-proximity (CPX) methodHo, Ka-yee
2018Identity and behavior : inquisition of environmental discourse and its impact on inter-organizational interaction in environmental organizationsChung, Chun Man Ricky
2012An identity authentication anti-counterfeiting technology for red wine industryZhang, Huimin
2019Identity construction of les milieux de memoire sombre : an interpretivist approachDimache, Alexandru Octavian
2019Ideological representations of Chinese Muslim groups in Chinese and U.S. media (2001-2015) : a comparative approachYe, Meng
2006iJade face recognizer : a multi-agent based pose and scale invariant human face recognition systemAo Ieong, Wai-heng Tony
2015The illiquidity of the Asian USD bond market : does illiquidity explain the credit spread puzzle?Cheon, Byung Kyu
2011Illustration of photogrammetry using computer aided design (CAD) softwareChan, Wing-yee
1998Image analysis of the Pearl River Delta sub-regional travel destinationsWang, Suo-sheng Samson