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2021Group sparse optimization problems for random fields on the unit sphereLi, Chao
2022Group-based acceptance and commitment therapy for reducing stress and improving the psychological well-being of parents with children studying in primary schools in Hong Kong : a non-randomized, controlled trialLam, Ka Leung
2005Group-based data and location management in mobile environmentsLam, Hoi-kit
2013Group-based techniques for identifying top-k degrees in hidden bipartite graphsWang, Jianguo
2000The growing mortgage market : opportunities for foreign banksLee, Yun-sing Antony
2018Growth and characterization of electron-pinned defect-dipole-induced colossal permittivity thin filmsTse, Mei Yan
2010Growth and characterization of LuFe₂O₄ thin film by pulsed laser depositionLiu, Jun
2009Growth and characterization of magnetoelectric and multiferroic oxide thin filmsZhang, Jinxing
2019Growth and characterization of transition metal telluride thin filmsChan, Cheuk Ho
2020Growth and forward EPZhai, Weihuan
2002Growth of China's hotel chains and their future expansionQi, Pingshu
2019GSM and arduino-based smart home environment monitoring and control system developmentIp, Chi Fai Benny
2005A guidebook for intellectual property issues in software outsourcing project managementChai, Wei
2019Guilt trips : how nudity in advertising enhances pro-social behaviourHeijink, Marloes
1999H[8] based damping controller for HVDC system with parallel AC transmissionChoi, Man-keung
2014HACCP in Mainland China's deluxe hotels : challenge and adaptionZhu, Ningyi
2018Handwriting performance among kindergarten children in Hong KongTse, Fung Ling Linda
2010The handwriting performance, visualspatial processing and their relationship of pre-school children with and without autistic spectrum disorderSiu, Wai-man
2004Hard chrome plating for ring grooves of piston crownNing, Andrew
1998Hard protective coatings on magnetic recording headsNg, Yuk Man Martin