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2007A hybrid approach for Chinese coreference resolutionWang, Chi-shing
2017A hybrid approach for quantitative evaluation of residual torque of loose bolts in bolted joints using passive and active acousto-ultrasonics : theory, simulation and experimental validationZhang, Zhen
1997A hybrid approach towards material purchaseChan, Hon-man Kenneth
2003A hybrid design support system for die casting schemeLu, Hong-yuan
2009Hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular columns under axial cyclic compressionCao, Yubo
2014Hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular columns under static and cyclic loadingZhang, Bing
2014A hybrid genetic algorithm-based decision support system for enhancing transportation efficiency in reverse logisticsLin, Canhong
2014Hybrid intelligent optimization techniques and its industrial applicationsLai, Chung Yee Johnny
2004Hybrid machine maintenance planning systems using case-based reasoning and evolution strategiesSin, Kan-yuen
1996A hybrid marketing decision support system for book publication industryLam, Hon-sing
2018Hybrid model of neural network and population-based optimization algorithm for river flow and sediment loadChen, Xiaoyun
2000Hybrid network reduction and artificial neural network based approaches in fast voltage stability analysisFu, Ying
1999A hybrid order-based genetic algorithm solution to the classified advertisements layout problemWong, Chi-fai Ivan
2022Hybrid panoramic visual SLAM and point cloud color mappingWang, Muyang
2013Hybrid passive/active duct noise control by using micro-perforated platesWang, Xiaonan
2020Hybrid perovskite based flexible semiconductor devicesZhang, Lerun
2015A hybrid simulation approach to evaluate cooling energy consumption for public housings of subtropicsCheung, Chin To
2022Hybrid-fuzzy multi-criteria decision supporting model for vendor evaluation process to building facility maintenance and renovation in Hong KongPun, Kim Ping
2000Hydration heat in mass concreteFong, Ming-sum
1994Hydraulic breaker : noise impact and controlWong, Kin-yan