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1995An intelligent tutoring program for secondary school mathematics in Hong KongChau, Cheuk-yin
2019An intelligent warehouse postponement decision support system for efficient e-commerce order fulfillmentLeung, Ka Ho
2004Intelligent Web-based agent system (iWAF) for e-finance applicationKwong, Wai-man Raymond
2012The intention of healthcare professionals to apply personal protective equipment during cardiopulmonary resuscitationLo, Sui Yee
2010Intention to adopt ASP for core and non-core functionsChan, Yat-man
1999Intention to quit : a study on the printed circuit board (P.C.B.) manufacturing field's employee in Guangdong, ChinaLi, Pik-lung
2015Intention-driven robotic hand rehabilitation system with individuated finger training featureSusanto, Evan Aditya
2019Inter-organizational collaboration : a case study of the concern group of small welfare agencies in Hong KongChang Siu-wah
2012The inter-relationship of core job characteristics and work-life balance towards job satisfaction and future career intention of hotel internsSiu, Tsz Ying Grace
2023Interacting with ubiquitous IoT devices via RF sensingCui, Kaiyan
2020Interaction between Plasmodium falciparum chloroquine resistance transporter (PfCRT) and atpase: a mechanistic study on the mechanism of chloroquine resistance and its reversalChow, Tsun Sing
2016The interaction between speaker-oriented adverbs and sentence final particles in Mandarin Chinese : a corpus-based approachHe, Yifan
2020Interaction between zero energy system which includes metro station, train and a taxi charging stationYang, Xinrong
2001Interaction in email announcement and broadcasting messageChu, Kwan-yu
2021The interaction of contact, confidence, and competence : from a perspective of task-based language teaching in Chinese as a second languageXu, Dan
2005Interactional influences on writing conferencesChen, Siu-wah Julia
2018Interactions between sound and long partial enclosuresChu, Ho Kin
2019Interactions of legionella pneumophila with amoeba and human hosts : cellular and molecular mechanismsMou, Qianqian
1996An interactive algorithm for vehicle routing for refuse collectionMa, Tak-lun
2023Interactive analytics over similarity searchZhang, Jiahao