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2015Numerical analysis of heat transfer and airflow in double skin facades integrated with amorphous silicon PV cellsSun, Mingqing
2002Numerical analysis of negative skin friction on pilesLo, Ho-yin Jeffrey
2012Numerical analysis on the thermal impact of vegetation on air flow in street canyonLi, Guangyin
1999Numerical and analytical solutions for consolidation analysis of soils without and with vertical drainsZhu, Guofu
2010Numerical and experimental analysis of heat transfer and airflow in double skin facades with integrated amorphous silicon PV cellsHan, Jun
2011Numerical and experimental investigation on particle deposition and distribution in ventilation duct bendsSun, Ke
2012Numerical and experimental studies of flows in open-channels with gravel and vegetation roughnessesZeng, Cheng
2007Numerical and experimental study of personalized ventilationGao, Naiping
2015A numerical approach for modeling carbon nanotube (CNT) percolating network towards development of a CNT-based sensorLu, Bo
1999Numerical computation of S2 flow through impeller of radial-flow gas turbineWong, Kwok-wai
2013Numerical investigation into local buckling of welded high strength steel I-sectionsWang, Kai
2019Numerical investigation of nature inspired fog harvesting for water collectionAhmad, Shakeel
2015Numerical investigation of single-sided natural ventilation and interunit dispersion in multistory buildingsAi, Zhengtao
2017Numerical investigation on the head-on droplet collisions under elevated pressures using front-tracking methodLi, Tianyao
2006Numerical investigation on the interaction between particles and eddies in gas-particle flows behind a backward-facing stepYu, Kin-fung
2016Numerical investigation on the spray and combustion characteristics of diesel with oxygenated fuel additivesChi, Yicheng
2011Numerical methods for interest rate derivativesZhou, Hongjun
2018Numerical modeling of direct carbon solid oxide cellsXu, Haoran
1995Numerical modeling of indoor radon concentration distribution within an air-conditioned spaceLee, Chi-kin
2016Numerical modeling of solid oxide fuel cellZheng, Keqing