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2015Numerical studies on tensile strength of fiber reinforced composites with rigid impurities and void contentsLi, Tianzhu
2019A numerical study of airfoil tonal noise and its reduction using fluid-structure interactionWu, Di
2016Numerical study of ice accretion on airfoilLam, Ka Wai
2019Numerical study of in-flight ice accretion on an airfoil and a pitot-static probeZhang, Hao
2002Numerical study of risk management modelsCheng, Hei-tung
2010Numerical study of smoke movement in an inclined tunnel with wind effectCheung, Sheung Kwan
2012A numerical study of supersonic particle-laden flow in cold gas dynamic spray coating processHo, Cheuk Yei
2013Numerical study on damage detection of high speed train axleTang, Xuxin
2015Numerical study on deposition of bioaerosols under different ventilation systemsChing, Chin Hung
2016A numerical study on dispersion and deposition of bioaerosols in a classroomNie, Xingxin
2013Numerical thermal investigation on pile ground heat exchangers with groundwater seepageWang, Deqi
2016Numerical tool for the back analysis of retaining wall systemsHu, Bohang
2015Nurse assistants' and elderly residents' perspectives on their daily interactions in nursing homes : a qualitative studyLung, Chi Chi
1998The nurse specialist role : perceptions of the nurse specialists, doctors and staff nursesChang, Ka-pik Katherine
2015A nurse-led care program on quality of life and health care utilization for cancer patients in a chemotherapy day center : a randomized controlled trialLai, Xiaobin
1999Nurses' attitudes towards breast-feedingMak, Yim-wah
2011Nurses' clinical reasoning during care planning for patients with infectious diseases : a descriptive study using think-aloud technique and protocol analysisWu, Jingmei
2002Nurses' experiences in the changes of quality of care resulted from the Hospital Authority's new management initiatives between 1990-2001Ip, Tung-fun Fanny
1998Nurses' job satisfaction : long-term-care vs short-term-care settingsChan, See-lan Shirley
2001Nurses' perception of organizational climate and psychological empowerment in a local acute hospital in Hong KongAu-Yeung, Yuet-king Betty