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2011Is there an ideal hotel management study curriculum?Tagbor, Anne Adjoe Kokui
2019Is workplace telepressure always bad? : exploring its effects on knowledge sharingFung, Chun Yeung Walter
2023Isatin and rosmarinic acid derivatives as antibacterial agents : molecular design, synthesis, structure-activity relationship and target validationLiang, Zhiguang
2016Islanding detection for distributed generationLi, Li
2000ISO 9000 compliant quality management in a student service unitWong, Yee-ping
2000ISO 9000 quality system registration : findings of an accredited quality registrarWoo, Kam-chiu Dennis
1998ISO implementation in shipping industryNg, Ching-yik
2013Isolation and characterisation of nucleases from various biological sources for further application in nucleic acid analysisCheung, Tsz Shan
2015Isolation and structural characterization of mushroom polysaccharides in relationship with their antioxidant activitiesSiu, Ka Chai
2020Issues in online platform operations: gender-based safety concerns and supplier encroachmentTang, Yanli
2022Issues on managing sustainable operationsZou, Ding
1996Issues relating to the transfer of the R&D department to China : a case study of a Hong Kong electronic companyLew, Kin-sang
2012IT department's service climate, top management support and organizational impact of enterprise resource planning systemsDing, Bin Ashley
2011IT governance and agility : organizational information processing perspectiveChau, Chung-kei
2014IT 使能中介能力对电子中间商绩效影响研究薛光春; Sit, Kwong Chun Tony
2003IT 在寧波酒店業人力資源管理中的應用分析邱渡軍; Qiu, Dujun
2000IT-enabled strategic supply chain management : an in-depth case study in a US Fortune 500 enterpriseTang, Kwok-shing Eric
2013Iterative subspace text categorizationChik, Cho-yiu Francis
2012Iterative uncertain frequent pattern mining with treesWang, Shu
2007An ITRF combination model with preferred observation functionals and its solution using generalized condition equationsFok, Hok-sum