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20202D ferroelectricity and piezoelectricity for electronic devicesYuan, Shuoguo
20203D LiDAR aided GNSS positioning and its application in sensor fusion for autonomous vehicles in urban canyonsWen, Weisong
2020Abused but not bruised : newcomer reactions to abusive supervisionZhou, Yaxian
2020Accurate deformation isolation in MTInSAR: parameter modeling and estimationLiang, Hongyu
2020Acoustic behavior of micro-perforated panels in grazing flowZhang, Xiaoqi
2020Acoustic black hole plates for vibration and sound radiation mitigationMa, Li
2020Acoustic waveguide for high temperature range contact thermometryWong, Ting Yui
2020Additive manufacturing of high entropy alloys by laser engineered net shapingGuan, Shuai
2020Addressing new challenges in public-key cryptographyYu, Zuoxia
2020Adopting multiliteracies pedagogy in teaching Chinese as a second language to university students at the preliminary levelChau, Chi Ping
2020Advanced analysis and design of steel structures with single angle membersAbdelrahman, Ahmed Hussain Ali
2020Advanced control of power converters for microgrids with renewable energy resources and variable loadsShan, Yinghao
2020Advanced heuristic optimization algorithms for optimal reactive power planning and dispatch in power systemsNiu, Ming
2020Advancement on design and control of electric motorsLiu, Ming
2020Adventurous homemaking : exploring collaborations toward agroecological probabilitiesWernli, Markus
2020Aggressive CEOs and bank mergers and acquisitionsJi, Mingming
2020Air cargo capacity allocation : solutions for demand imbalance between different routesShaban, Ibrahim Abdelfadeel Abdelsaboor
2020Air-knife assisted thin film formation for high performance large area perovskite solar cellsBi, Tao
2020All join together for better rehabilitation : an exploratory study on interprofessional collaborative practice in home care rehabilitation service in Hong KongLo, Kai-yeung Kaiser
2020Analysis for lightning protection in building electrical systems by using FDTD methodsMei, Chenhao