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1996Adaptation to bereavement of young widows with dependent children in Hong KongLeung, Wai-yu Belinda
1996Adjustment of the school age adolescents from Chinses immigrant families in Hong KongLi, Yuen-fun Luciana
1996Advanced handover mechanisms and their applications in DCS1800 micro-cellular systemYau, Siu-lun Sheldon
1996An analysis of Form 4 peer correction data of written English to identify aspects of interlanguageWong, Colin Chun-hoi
1996An analysis of proposed re-engineering scheme in local power distribution based on reliability studyTam, Chi-chiu
1996An analysis of the determinants of organizational citizenship behaviorWong, Chiu-hung Peter
1996The application of digitizing in building precision injection moldChan, Man Kee
1996Application of expert system for alarm handling at a major distribution substationLo, Chun-kong
1996The application of information technology in the manufacturing industry in Hong KongKwok, Chi-kit Judy
1996An assessment on the feasibility of applying business process reengineering in ISO 9000Lam, Hong-kam
1996Asymptotically optimal designLam, Sai-fun
1996Attenuation and dispersion limits on transmission distance and bit rate imposed by the employment of fluoride fibres in mid-infrared optical communication systemsCheuk, Shun Wai Daniel
1996Automatic assembly lines using back-propagation neural network for pattern recognitionNg, Pan-yau
1996Awareness of business process improvement opportunities through IT : a study of the Hong Kong consumer/retail bankingLo, Po-san Joyce
1996Balancing and control of variable flow chilled water distribution systemWong, Kwok-keung
1996Beyond automation : a business process reengineering study for the registry and accounting functions of the Supreme CourtChan, Chi-lok Terrence
1996Building a cross reference case tool using object-oriented techniquesChan, Choy-wing Stephen
1996Can IT provide an information-based comparative advantage in merchant banking? : a study of IT use in foreign merchant banks in Hong KongChan, Wai-hung Simon
1996A case study of the application of the Japanese manufacturing philosophy in improving the operation efficiency of a commercial laboratory in Hong KongLeung, Wing-sun
1996Case study on acceptance of desktop publishing technology by Hong Kong book publishing industryHo, Yat Mui Wendy