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2005The bawdy bard in China : a study of the translation of Shakespeare's sexually and scatologically suggestive languageTien, Yuk Sunny
2005Behaviour and modelling of steel-concrete composite shell roofsWong, Hon-ting
2005Biodegradable poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate)s & fullerene-derived drugsHe, Jidong
2005Caring for stroke-impaired elderly family members : a study of family adaptation in a Chinese contextLee, Lai-tong Regina
2005CFD simulation of floor level air supply method and evaluation of system energy savingsXu, Hongtao
2005Changing times, changing duties : skills centres teachers adjusting to changeCheung, Kwong-wing
2005Characterising nonlinear determinism from experimental time series dataLuo, Xiaodong
2005Characterization of normal and degenerated articular cartilage using ultrasound biomicroscope in vitroCheung, James
2005Chloride (Cl-) transport and its regulation by nitric oxide (NO) in porcine ciliary body/epithelium (CBE)Kong, Chi-wing Marco
2005Classification of heterogeneous gene expression dataFung, Yiu-ming
2005Coaching for performance through a knowledge-based virtual libraryChiu, Suet-kuen Milhy
2005A community-based and family-centered care approach for stroke survivors in Wuhan city of China (Part I)Li, Sijian
2005A community-based and family-centered care approach for stroke survivors in Wuhan city of China (Part II)Li, Sijian
2005A comparative study on e-business applications through enterprise portals on the Web by Chinese IT industryDeng, Yan
2005Comparison of E-commerce Websites : a study of hotel websites in mainland China and the United StatesHo, Kam-pui Daniel
2005A comparison of two treatment programs in treating secondary upper limb lymphoedema : a preliminary studyFong, Pui-yee Pauline
2005A conceptual model of success for design and build projects in the public sector of Hong KongLam, Wai-ming
2005Conductivity and interfacial charge induced phenomena in ferroelectric films and compositesWong, Chung-kwan
2005The construction of equal opportunity and gender equality in the workplaceSuen, Sui-wan Teresa
2005Contact management system for sales staff based on CRMMa, Chong-chao