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2015Answering why-not questions on preference queriesHe, Zhian
2015Anthropogenic heat flux estimation over Hong Kong : a multi modelling approachYogeswaran, Nithiyanandam
2015Application of FBG technology for monitoring strains and displacements of GFRP soil nailingBai, Shi-qiang
2015Application of silkworm (Bombyx mori) functional genes in fabricating scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicineLi, Zhi
2015Applications of graphene transistors in biological sensingZhang, Meng
2015Arousal and consumer reaction to monetary sales promotionsChan, Ka Wai
2015Association rule mining in building automation data for building managementChen, Gang
2015Astigmatism and ocular structural correlates in chicksChu, Chin Hung Geoffrey
2015Auditors' response to analysts' forecast properties : some evidence from audit pricingFoo, Yin Yen William
2015BAS integration and remote monitoring of campus building systemsCheng, Chung Yip
2015Behaviour of typical pavement subgrade materials in Hong Kong under portable falling weight deflectometer testLeung, Lai Ming Gordon
2015Between national mobilization and social responsibility : a case study of Red Cross Movement in ChinaCheng, Yuanjun
2015A big data approach to opinion analysis in social mediaLi, Bing
2015Big head son and small head father : a 3D action mobile game with copyright licenseLiu, Yang
2015Bio-inspired and multiple direction vibration isolation systemSun, Bo
2015Biosensor development based on class C beta-lactamaseLiu, Sze Yan
2015Building rules for effective legend design upon gestalt lawsQin, Zhe
2015Cadastral geodatabase design considering vertical and temporal dimension and city visualization in CityEngineXie, Fei
2015A campus navigation and enquiry system based on jQuery mobileHuang, Wenjie
2015Capital flow to the countryside : agrarian change and rice production in ChinaChen, Yiyuan