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2003Health related behaviour survey of students via university Web siteLau, Yuk-ching May
2001Healthcare professionals in a changing organization : the determinants of affective organizational commitment of healthcare professionals during changeWong, Yuk-ting
2005Healthcare 公司绩效考核系统及激励机制方案的研究李月秋; Li, Yueqiu
2006Heat transfer characteristics of impinging premixed flame jet with induced swirlHuang, Xiaoqun
1999Heat transfer of an impinging turbulent jet on a heated rectangular plate with vapourisationLo, Chi-ming
2016Heavy metal music lyrics : identity construction and social struggleCheung, Oi Wun Joyce
2003Hedging freight market risk : the perspective of the Hong Kong Chinese shipping communityFung, Yeuk-kin
1998Hedging of trading gold asset with markov decision processesChu, Kwok-keung Eric
2021Helping or ostracizing? Employee responses to coworker anxiety expressionLi, Diwan
2002A hermeneutic understanding of the meaning of cancer for Hong Kong Chinese cancer patientsChan, Wai-ying Joyce
2004Heteroepitaxial growth of high K dielectric thin films by pulsed laser depositionYu, Wai-ming
2002Heteroepitaxial growth of lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate thin films by pulsed laser deposition methodHau, Fei-fei
2013Heteroepitaxy and characterization of perovskite titanate thin films grown on III-V semiconductorYang, Zhibin
1998Heuristic search for non-guillotine cutting stock problem by simulated annealing and genetic algorithmYung, Chi-ho
1997A hierarchical knockout switch for high speed information networksWu, Fred Hok-choi
2003Hierarchical video streaming for layered encoded videoWong, Hau-ling
2023High entropy oxides (HEOs) for chlorine evolution reactionKandasamy, Subash
2018High intensity ultrasonication-assisted pickering emulsions for the fabrication of monodisperse composite nanoparticlesWang, Jiaxin
2012High Myopia partial reduction using orthokeratology (HM-PRO)Charm, Chi Foon Jessie
2019High performance and scalable perovskite photovoltaic devicesCui, Li