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2004Quality of life of young children with developmental disabilities in Hong KongLau, Ka-ming
2011Quality of school life of students with physical disability studying in mainstream schoolsYuen, Yuet Ming
2012The quality risk management in residential building across the construction processChen, Huan
2006Quantification of high mobility group protein (HMGB1) by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)Sin, Hon-wa
1999Quantification of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) emission strength in refuse collection pointWong, Tin-kam
2005Quantification of solar and daylight availability in the urban fabric by irradiation mappingTo, Tak-tung
2010Quantification of urinary F₂-isoprostanes as a biomarker of oxidant stress using liquid chromatography-triple quadrupole mass spectrometry : method evaluation and application in study of biological variation in agingYu, Wai-yuen
2006Quantifying energy saving potential by intermittent air conditioning operation in a typical single officeSit, Kam-yung
2018Quantifying spatial enhanced index system for age-friendly city with a case study in Hong KongPan, Tong
2018Quantifying the effects of interior surface reflectance and window orientation on daylightingShu, Ziyu
1997Quantitative comparison of weight bearing characteristics for new transtibial amputees during early ambulatory training with and without using an audio biofeedback deviceCheng, Chris T. K
2015Quantitative comparison of wind turbine generators using numerical modelingZhang, Kang
2007Quantitative estimation and modelling of GPS carrier phase multipath signalsFan, Ko-kwan
2015Quantitative spare parts modelling for supply chain managementZhou, Dapeng
2012Quantitative ultrasonic evaluation of bone growth in a rabbit tibial distraction model by comparing computed radiography and micro-computed tomographyLuk, Hon Kit
2016Quantum chemistry and chemical kinetics of large straight-chain hydrocarbons in aviation keroseneZhu, Yajie
2012Quantum cutting downconversion phosphors based on oxides for solar cell applicationLau, Mei Kwan
2014Quantum dot sensitized solar cells based on different counter electrodesChen, Xiaoting
2003Quantum packet for integrated services data network : the third generation ISDNLam, Ray Ying-wai
2001Querying XML documents with a multidimensional indexLam, Lap-yan