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2003The impacts of organizational justice perception on employees' behavioral outcomes in Hong KongWong, Wai-wah Angela
2001Implement supply chain management in contract electronics manufacturing industryChang, Jin
2007The influence of extrinsic incentives on intrinsic motivation for online IT acceptance : a study of personal adoption of two-factor authentication technology in Internet bankingSuk, Fat-chun
2004The influence of general cognitive ability, personality and social skill on job performance : a predictive validity study of engineers working with a toy manufacturing company in the People's Republic of ChinaTam, Wai-mou Vincent
2000The influence of Guanxi on local partner selection : a study of small and medium-sized Sino-Hong Kong manufacturing joint ventures in southern ChinaWong, Leung-kwong Peter
2003The influence of patient's satisfaction and health locus-of-control belief to the use of Chinese medical treatment in Hong KongChoi, Yat-ming
2003The influence of socialization tactics on expatriate adaptation and turnover intentions : a study of contemporary expatriate workers in Hong KongFu, Ka-mun Carmen
2002The influence of stakeholder pressures on the effectiveness of EMS components and environmental performance : an empirical study of fleet operations in Hong KongWong, Lai-tim
2008Information system security assimilation : a theoretical and empirical modelChin, Shu-kai Eric
2008Insider trading laws, earnings management and the cost of equity capitalLo, Ping-wa Lawrence
2010Intention to adopt ASP for core and non-core functionsChan, Yat-man
2007International exhibition organizers in China and their performanceKay, Li-kuen Andrew
1999An investigation of an experientially based approach to management training in a bureaucratic organizationLok, Anthony C. C
2003An investigation of factors affecting the choice of public or private hospital services in Hong Kong, focussing on group insured in-patient usersYeung, Chiu-kwan Barry
2001An investigation on the effects of the Hong Kong dollar peg on the Hong Kong financial and real propertiesLuk, John
2003IPOS in China : an empirical study of performance, returns, and earnings manipulationNg, Lai-man Carmen
2018Is the omission of material weakness disclosures related to management and auditors?Leung, Danson
2014Is there a "real" trend in the real estate market? : evidence from the country-level real estate indicesLai, Man Yuk Raymond
2015Justice, cynicism, and whiningCheng, Huidian
2006The key to service excellence : separate or joint impact of leader-member exchange and service climate on employees' service performanceWong, Siu-ping Christine