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2023Mixed-method research on new EFL teachers’ foreign language teaching anxiety in public primary schools in ChinaChu, Qiwen
2013Modal verb use in stance-taking : a comparative corpus-based studyZhang, Ying
2015Modified interaction between NS-NSS in a HK EMI school : a case study from the perspective of Long's interaction hypothesisTang, Yee Kei
2001A more comprehensive career development services : setting up of a career resource centre under Student Affairs Office of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee)Chik, Shok-han Fanita
2014Multimodal analysis of gestures : a case study on delivery of legal speeches on courtroomLeung, Tsz Shan Beatrice
2014A multimodal analysis of the diachronic change of EFL textbooks in ChinaOu, Yuanyuan Helen
2016Multimodal analysis of the film father and daughter : narrative construction and construal of emotionsChen, Hanliang Clement
2020A multimodal discourse analysis of how digital representational tools function as meaning-making methods in MOOCs: a representative case study on PowerPoint slides in a spoken English MOOC in ChinaYang, Haocheng
2016A multimodal discourse analysis on Grindr profilesLai, Yat Han
2019A multimodality study of attitudinal appraisal on Hong Kong and the U.S. anti-drug postersYiu, Chi Tung
1996The needs analysis of "use of English" in the sixth form curriculum on commerce : Hong Kong contextTse, Sing-kit Sandra
2021New local K-12 English teachers' attitudes towards China EnglishLi, Yanqiu Leanna
2014News representation of nationalism : a critical discourse analysisSha, Mengdi
2014Obamacare encourage businesses to hire more people ? : an analysis of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama's use of rhetorical questions in the 2012 US presidential election campaignWong, Ming Chiu Steven
2013On the importance and standardization of C-E translation of public signs from the perspective of functionalismQuan Shuainan, Carrie
1998Optimization of cold pad batch dyeing via Taguchi methodsLee, Chi-shing
2014Parents', students' and teachers' views on private supplementary tutoringChan, Chung Ho Windy
2021Patients’ perceptions about online medical consultations (OMCs)Li, Biyun
1995Peer revision in a business English writing classPotter, John
1998The perception of community work approach by the frontline workers of the outreaching social work teamsChan, Wai-leung