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1998Value added service in product development for a global apparel manufacturer : a case studyYim, Man-ying
2016The value of guided construction in a tertiary and teacher-training contextLi, Sumin
1998Vendor evaluation and certification system : a re-engineering perspectiveChan, Sau-fong
2021Views and implementation of developing children’s English reading motivation in Hong Kong kindergartens : whole language approach and teacher-directed approachKwan, Wing Yan
2013What do you really see ---the multimodal discourse analysis of videos in business English textbooksWen, Hao Tian
2022What factors affect the passion towards English learning? A case study of learning motivation in mainland Chinese ESL classroomsXiao, Yuchen
2017Who I am and how I learn : introversion/extroversion and language learningWootton, Lyndsay Marie
2014Who's that girl?-reconstructing gender : a cultural study of Madonna's music videoZhao, Yingzi
2019Written discourse analysis of newsletterWong, Hoi Ling
2002Youth volunteering of children and youth centre : factors of the sustainability of volunteersFan, Yiu-cheun Sunny
2005个案辅导模式的后现代转向 : 对话个案辅导模式探索童敏; Tong, Min
2005中国社会工作教育的再现研究孫立亞; Sun, Liya
2002中國城市社區發展與居民參與的多重論述的社會建構硏究郭偉和; Guo, Weihe
2005亲子关系对青少年精神疾病产生的影响高萬紅; Gao, Wanhong
2005从旧金山模式到铁管模式 : 对医疗系统干预家庭暴力一项实践的反思矯揚; Jiao, Yang
2005从社会角色视觉看孤残儿童家庭寄养 : 以贵阳市家庭寄养模式研究为例何昕; He, Xin
2005关于孤残儿童家庭寄养模式研究 : 以合肥市儿童福利院"阳光村"为例俞寧; Yu, Ning
2005农民工群体的社会排斥与社会工作介入尹保華; Yin, Baohua
2003北京外來低收入家庭的生活經驗 : 一個注重在"聲音"的研究陳濤; Chen, Tao
2006危房改造与拆迁中低收入家庭购房后致贫的个案研究 : 以北京市危房改造与拆迁的低收入家庭住房经验为例田玉荣; Tian, Yurong