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2006Benchmarking of acceptable indoor environmentLaw, Lok-yan Doris
2010Carbon audit and energy audit in a hotel in Hong KongMan, Chun-sing
2011Carbon audit for a cluster of commercial buildings : the reliability of the implementation of carbon audit in Hong KongWong, Kong-yiu
2009Carbon emissions of new buildingYiu, Chi-wai
2022Carbon trading development and protocols for the HKSAR and mainland ChinaLyu, Yuhan
2022The carbon trading development and protocols in the world wide scaleYuan, Lijia
2021A case study of maintenance performance of a large bank building in Hong KongTong, Man Him
2021A case study of the maintenance order on elevators of a residential estate in Hong KongLeung, Chin Ho
2017A case study on CFD simulations for natural ventilation design to an atrium in Hong KongYeung, Kai Cheong
2009A case study on the development of biogas generation technology from waste water in the urban areaWu, Tongxue
2010CFD analysis of building separations in street canyonsYeung, Chi-ho
2022CFD investigation of human airborne transmission inside an air-conditioned classroomHassan, Mohieeldin Ashraf Hassan
2009CFD simulation of displacement ventilation to reduce space cooling loadLee, Wai-yee
2020Characterization of turbulence in urban wind environmentZhu, Xiao-yu
2021Characterize long term CO₂ concentrations in an office environment (data analysis & computational work)Lai, Chung Nok
2011Characterizing the mix-use type demand problems for high-rise residential drainage networksYe, Yang
2007Characterizing urban noise sources using beamforming technologyTam, Kai-chung
2021Chilled ceiling (condensation performance assessment of different Nano-engineered superhydrophobic materials surface in outdoor condition)Xiong, Tingting
2015Chiller plant optimization with considering the thermal comfort with the use of IESCheung, Man Him Eric
2012Colour properties of LED lampChan, Ka Yan