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2010Natural lighting by light pipe and fiber optics for lift lobbies of local buildingsLui, Sze-kwun
2012Natural lighting for enclosed corridor by optical fibersZhao, Peiwen
2012Natural ventilation in dormitoryWei, Chen
2021Neutral temperature in residential building in Hong KongLau, Ka Ho
2023A new three-dimensional elliptical multiple wind turbine wake modelLi, Yichun
2015Noise barriers with non-uniform edge impedanceLi, Sijie
2010Noise effects on office productivityLui, Yin-park Patrick
2020Novel fuzzy logic controller and comparative study among fuzzy logic control, on-off control and proportional-integral control in a direct expansion air conditioning systemJiao, Yizhou
2015Numerical analysis of heat transfer and airflow in double skin facades integrated with amorphous silicon PV cellsSun, Mingqing
2012Numerical analysis on the thermal impact of vegetation on air flow in street canyonLi, Guangyin
2022Numerical investigation on the effect of cell spacing on phase change material based battery thermal management systemCheung, Yau Kuen
2011Numerical simulation of room airflow using different types of ventilation methodsLeung, Chi
2021Numerical simulation study on the influence of different vent inlet strategies on indoor air distributionHuang, Pei
2015Numerical study on deposition of bioaerosols under different ventilation systemsChing, Chin Hung
2016A numerical study on dispersion and deposition of bioaerosols in a classroomNie, Xingxin
2019A numerical study on performance of smoke exhaust systems in large underground spaceWang, Qi
2020Numerical study on sleeping thermal comfort using bed-based task/ambient air conditioning (TAC) systemTang, Hou Man
2020A numerical study on the performance evaluation of a bed-based task/ambient conditioning systemZhou, Chumin
2013Numerical thermal investigation on pile ground heat exchangers with groundwater seepageWang, Deqi
2021Numerical validation of empirical fire plume models and smoke profilePeng, Cheng