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2022A survey on acoustic environments in open-plan offices in PolyUCheung, Kin Yeung
2019A technical feasibility analysis on the optimization of demand side management of a hybrid net-zero energy office building in Hong Kong integrated with net-zero energy electric carsLo, Wai Chung
2007Technical feasibility and way forward : maintaining 25.5 °C in local commercial buildingsWong, Chung-yan
2021Techno-economic analysis of a zero-emission shopping mall with integration of zero-emission shuttle busesChan, Siu Tat
2011Theoretical analysis of effects caused by mixing proportion on plume potentialZhao, Le
2012A theoretical and experimental study on the performance of an air-to-air total heat exchangerChow, Chi Fung Taylor
2007A theoretical model for the direct evaluation of daylighting performance in a space under cloudy sky conditionLuk, Ho-wai
2009Thermal and power behaviors of semi-transparent single-glazed photovoltaic (PV) window for office buildings in Hong KongLaw, Kin-man
2018Thermal comfort evaluation of a university library in transition seasonZheng, Kang Hong
2010Thermal comfort in air-conditioned environment with thermal radiationCheung, Pak-ho
2017A thermal comfort study of bed-based task/ambient air-conditioning systemLi, Wai Lok
2013Thermal energy performance of teaching roomsLi, Shing Hing
2012Thermal performance of modelling of naturally ventilated photovoltaic facade in buildings in Hong KongZhang, Long
2021Thermal resources of sea for supporting the heating and cooling of the coastal communitiesLi, Hiu Yam Amy
2019Thermal response to hot water showering jetsMok, Hoi Ting
2010Thermodynamic study on the air-conditioning system of new DOAS with desiccant wheelHui, Shui-man
2023Tracer gas experiments on bioaerosol transmissions in the drainage system of a 3-floor mock-up toiletZhan, Ni
2015Tracer gas technique for quantifying air pollutants dispersionLyu, Hongchao
2015Tracer gas technique for ventilation rate characterizationBai, Xiaoye
2007Traffic noise measurement and prediction in Hong KongLeung, Kai-hong