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1999Advanced time-frequency analysis for speech processingHo, Sai-keung
1999Application of dynamic channel allocation strategies to GSM hierarchical cellular networkLee, Chi-ho
1998Application of finite difference method in quasi-static analysis of shielded planer transmission linesLo, Sau-nga Annie
1999Applying information theory to image segmentationTo, Siu-wah
1999Automatic parameter tuning of PID controllersChan, Yu-tak
2001Buffer requirement for Multi-Zoned-Recording (MZR) disk in VOD serversLi, Kam-kwan Cleo
1999Built-in self test for analog circuits by oscillation-test methodKo, Koon-yuen
1999A case study of design-for-testability of mixed signal telephony ringer integrated circuitLin, Kam-lun
1999A case study on EMC compliance for an electronic product design and manufactureCheung, Chi-pong Dickie
1996Character recognition using digitally implementable neural networkLee, Kin-sang Timothy
1999A chipset design for VQ encoderChieng, Yu-kean
1994Coding of speech at 16 kbit/s using low-delay code excited linear prediction (LD-CELP)Wong, Chi-keung Julian
1998Compressed video transmission with variable bit-rateChung, Yuen-lun Charles
1994Computer simulation of [pi]/4 DQPSK and GMSK modulation techniques in mobile cellular CDMA systemChiu, Shui-ming
1998Computer-aided analysis and design of analogue circuitCheung, Kwok-kei
1994Computerized audio music recognitionNg, Sze-pan
1994Concurrent neural networks for nonlinear self-tuning adaptive controlNg, Pong-tang
1994Concurrent program development environmentChan, Chi-fai Manfred
1994A congestion control study in ATM networksChan, Chi-pang
1999Content description for video database dynamic object type and dynamic indexingYik, Fung-ngam