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2022Biomechanical study of adult acquired flatfoot for interventionPeng, Yinghu
2021Biomechanical study of gait coordination of transfemoral amputeesXu, Zhi
2023Biomechanical study of sleeping support and system optimization based on spine alignmentHong, Tung Ho
2020Biomechanics of the plantar fascia in running and the implication for plantar fasciitisChen, Linwei
2019Carbon based nanodots and microspheres for bioimaging and biosensingLyu, Jing
2021Cellular stiffness regulates metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma through JNKWang, Junfan
2022Channel function of CFTR in bone cells for microenvironment homeostasisZhang, Xiaotian
2021Circuit-specific sonogenetics modulates specific behaviours in miceXian, Quanxiang
2022A corticomuscular coherence (CMC)-electromyography (EMG)-based brain computer interface (BCI) for wrist-hand rehabilitation after strokeGuo, Ziqi
2019Could the effectiveness of orthotic management for patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) be enhanced via 3D printing technology and pressure-adjustable system?Lin, Yangmin
2021Deciphering information from random speckles via correlation and deep learning as well as its applications in biomedicineLi, Huanhao
2020Design and evaluation of orthotic treatment for patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis using a purpose-design assessment frame and 3-dimensional clinical ultrasound analysisHassan Beygi, Babak
2023Development of a clinical management cloud system for scoliosis based on three-dimensional ultrasound imagingHui, Chi Ho
2023Development of a protein-free amplification assay for small-molecule target using aptamer, graphene oxide, and fenton reagentsGAN, Maria
2021Development of a universal fluorescent nanoprobe for monitoring isothermal nucleic acid amplification reactionWang, Shiyao
2022Development of aggregation induced emission-boosted adaptive optical (AIE-AO) confocal microscopy for enhanced bioimagingSong, Yuchen
2022Development of an ultrasound neuromodulation platform for precise neuronal stimulation and real-time multi-modal monitoringWong, Kin Fung
2017Development of new enzyme mimetics for highly sensitive DNA and protein detectionChau, Li Yin
2020Development of ultrasound-responsive biogenic gas vesicles as multifunctional theranostic carriers for enhanced cancer therapySong, Lin
2021Electromyography (EMG)-driven neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and robot hybrid system for upper limb rehabilitation after strokeNam, Ching Yi