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2023Development of a data-driven methodology for dynamic energy modeling of large buildings towards mass deployment of AI in smart buildingsLi, Ao
2023Development of a multi-range lightning current measurement system with a wide dynamic range from milli-amps to hundreds of kilo-ampsWang, Shaoyang
2022Development of advanced spectrally selective coating for the application of energy-efficient windowsShen, Boxu
2022Development of an analytic method for assessing the performance of retrofits for commercial buildingsHo, Man Ying
2022Development of an index for assessing the pedestrian comfort of street environments in Hong KongMa, Xintong
2024Development of high-efficiency 3D models for simulation of building structures in firesQiu, Jin
2024Development of scalable radiative cooling coatings and modules with self-adaptive properties for buildingsGong, Quan
2022Dripping ignition mechanism and fire risks of thermoplastic dripsSun, Peiyi
2022Effect of light level on colour appearanceBao, Wenyu
2022Effect of outdoor pedestrian level turbulence on the convective heat transfer coefficient of human bodyWang, Guang
2022The effect of urban geometry and urban configurations on street thermal comfort in Hong KongZhao, Yueshuai
2021Energy performance evaluation of bifacial solar photovoltaic modules in Hong KongLeung, Chun Kuen
2023Enlarging dataset for AC series arc fault detection algorithmTo, Pui Mei
2023Evaluating the effectiveness of an e-learning tool to deliver sustainable engineering knowledgeWang, Jiaqi
2022Evaluation of indoor air quality of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's male toiletsLi, Yinhe
2023Experimental and modeling studies on developing a condensing-frosting performance map for a variable speed air source heat pump unit for frosting suppressionLiu, Shengnan
2022Experimental and simulation study of stack emission and contaminant dispersion around typical building configurations and arrays in Hong KongLee, Kai Yip
2023Experimental investigation of thermal comfort in outdoor radiant cooling systemYang, Junran
2023Experimental study and OpenSees modelling for thermal response of 3D printed concrete exposed to firesWang, Jinjin
2023Experimental study of using heat flux sensors to measure the convective heat transfer coefficients for the human bodyHan, Yuhao