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2017Improving the energy efficiency of ground source heat pump system in winter by auxiliary heat sourceZhao, Dongyao
2014In-situ energy and environmental performance assessment of CO₂-based demand controlled ventilationJiang, Weilong
2000The indoor air quality and its relation to the building operationKu, Chung-yee
2002Indoor air quality management in tertiary institutions in Hong KongChau, Shu-wa
2009An indoor air quality monitoring and assessment protocol for air-conditioned offices in subtropical climatesHui, Pui-shan
2002Indoor environment control in primary and secondary schools in Hong KongSze, Chun-keung
2006Indoor environmental control with a direct expansion (DX) air conditioning (A/C) unit in residences in the subtropicsLi, Zheng
2016Indoor environmental quality in construction site officeLeung, Chi Wai
2002Industrial buildings in Hong Kong : reuse as data centre?Wu, Yuk-lam
2013Influence of trees on the pollutant concentrations in urban street canyon-numerical simulationLu, Feifei
2012Integration of a remote source solar lighting system into the architectural design of enclosed lift lobbies in high-rise residential buildingsWong, Irene
1999Integration of an ice rink in a shopping center : a case study of Cityplaza Ice PalaceYung, Kwong-ming Arthur
2009Integration of structural engineering into fire engineering designLeung, Siu-man
2015Intelligent control of chiller plant for energy conservationLiu, Lizheng
2018Interactions between sound and long partial enclosuresChu, Ho Kin
2016Inventories of greenhouse gases of water systems for buildingsLin, Jing
2019Investigate an optimization control between daylight and LED lighting in a commercial buildingTsui, Zhong Heng Henry
2017Investigate on the effectiveness of health and safety measures on construction site in Hong KongTso, Yat Ho
2018Investigating the effect of temperature differences and generated current on dust accumulation process on solar phtovoltaic (PV) modulesJiang, Yu
2016Investigating the enery performance of condensate-based evaporative cooler in DCDV systemOu, Dingtian