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2007Technical feasibility and way forward : maintaining 25.5 °C in local commercial buildingsWong, Chung-yan
2011Theoretical analysis of effects caused by mixing proportion on plume potentialZhao, Le
2012A theoretical and experimental study on the performance of an air-to-air total heat exchangerChow, Chi Fung Taylor
2007A theoretical model for the direct evaluation of daylighting performance in a space under cloudy sky conditionLuk, Ho-wai
2010Thermal & indoor air quality environment on air-conditioned busesShek, Ka Wing
2009Thermal and power behaviors of semi-transparent single-glazed photovoltaic (PV) window for office buildings in Hong KongLaw, Kin-man
2018Thermal comfort evaluation of a university library in transition seasonZheng, Kang Hong
2010Thermal comfort in air-conditioned environment with thermal radiationCheung, Pak-ho
2017A thermal comfort study of bed-based task/ambient air-conditioning systemLi, Wai Lok
2013Thermal energy performance of teaching roomsLi, Shing Hing
2012Thermal performance of modelling of naturally ventilated photovoltaic facade in buildings in Hong KongZhang, Long
2013Thermodynamic development of a novel integrated air-conditioning system with DOAS using liquid desiccantCui, Mingxian
2010Thermodynamic study on the air-conditioning system of new DOAS with desiccant wheelHui, Shui-man
2005Time budget study and total exposure assessment to air pollutants of Hong Kong populationTu, You Edward
2000To compare the project performance : the minor lump sum contract and measured term contract of small building works in Kowloon Canton Railway CorporationWun, Tat-sang
2015Tracer gas technique for quantifying air pollutants dispersionLyu, Hongchao
2015Tracer gas technique for ventilation rate characterizationBai, Xiaoye
2002Trade-off between temperature and air-movement for reducing air-conditioning energy use in residential buildings in Hong KongLeung, Wai-ho Wil
2007Traffic noise measurement and prediction in Hong KongLeung, Kai-hong
2001Typical electrical load profile for demand side management (DSM) opportunity identification in a hotel building in Hong KongLeung, Kwok-kin Eric