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2017Damage identification of civil structures via response reconstructionZhang, Chaodong
2016Debonding failure in FRP-strengthened RC beams : prediction and suppressionFu, Bing
2018Decentralized structural damage detection methods under earthquake and ambient excitationsNi, Pinghe
2014Degradation of antibiotic norfloxacin by solar light/visible light-assisted oxidation processes in aqueous phaseChen, Meijuan
2014Degradation of refractory contaminants in water by chemical-free radicals generated by ultrasound and UV irradiationXu, Lijie
2012Degradation of synthetic organic compounds by sulfate- and hydroxyl radical-based advanced oxidation processesWang, Yuru
2016Degradation of triclosan in water by heterogeneous advanced oxidation process activated by magnetic nanoparticlesLin, Koon Yee
2018Design of urban rail corridor over time : for cities with high population densities and growth uncertaintiesLiu, Ding
2018Development of online wheel defect detection methods for high-speed trainsLiu, Xiao-zhou
2014Development of two optical fiber sensing technologies and applications in monitoring geotechnical structuresXu, Dong-sheng
2018Dynamic analysis and alignment design of high-speed maglev trains running on straight, circular and transitional viaductsWang, Zhilu
2018Dynamic mechanical behavior of recycled aggregate concreteLi, Long
2017Eco-friendly construction materials prepared with light weight and rubberised concreteZhang, Binyu
2018The effects and causes of oxidative aging of compacted asphalt mixturesWen, Yong
2018Efficient and conditional reliability analysis of slopes in spatially variable soilsLiu, Leilei
2014Electromagnetic damping and energy harvesting devices in civil structuresShen, Wenai
2015Enhancing removal of E. coli by bioretention basins during intermittent stormwater infiltrationFang, Le
2012Environmental chamber study on the formation of indoor secondary organic aerosols from household emissionsHuang, Yu
2015Evaluation the co-digestion of sewage sludge with stable wasteXue, Yizhuo
2018Experimental and numerical studies of flow structure and alluvial processes in partially-obstructed open channel with vegetation canopyYan, Xufeng