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2000The analysis of cellular bridge deck by semi-continuum methodChan, Tat-tong
1998Analysis of deep excavationChan, Kin-kwan
2009Analysis of displacement and response measurements of hihg-rise structures using global-positioning system (GPS) technologyNg, Ka-yan
1999Analysis of nailed slopes using limit equilibrium and finite difference methodsLam, Wing-yin
2001Analysis of pile group and pile cap using elasticity theoryLee, Kin-wa
2010Analytical modeling of self-stressed steel fiber reinforced concrete encased steel penstock subjected to internal water pressureZhang, Zhicheng
2001Analytical study of pile foundations using conventional and rigorous approachesTsang, Siu-wan Sandy
2011Application of BOTDA technology for measurement of the performance of bored pilesHuang, Di
1997Application of discrete element method in geotechnical engineeringMak, Ming-fai
1999Application of geographical information systems to regional road-networks planning in Hong KongThong, Chung-mao
2010Application of GPS for monitoring long-span cable-supported bridges under high windsChan, Wai-shan
2006Application of Large Eddy Simulation technique to a Navier-Stokes equation (with the Smagorinsky subgrid-scale model) on prediction of sediment concentration in non-homogeneous turbulent flowKwok, Chi-bun
2001Application of prefabricated concrete components in the local construction industryLeung, N. F. Eric
2010Applied photogrammetry for 3D modeling, quantity surveying, and augmented reality in constructionDai, Fei
2007Artificial intelligence integrated construction simulation methodChan, Wah-ho
2001Asbestos-containing materials' hazard in schoolTam, Wing-chuen Andy
2000Assessing the environmentally beneficial use of putrescible waste in Hong KongTse, Chi-hin
2000Assessment of dynamic responses and acceptance criteria for steel warren truss footbridges in Hong Kong with respect to pedestrian-induced vibrationsLi, Wai-man
2009Assessment of emissions of total volatile organic compounds from perfume based on chamber testHe, Chunqian
2000Assessment of stability of nailed soil cut slopes under seismic excitations in Hong KongIeong, Kwok-lun