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2019Deep learning for morellian analysis for art connoisseurshipSin, Sau Mei
2023Deep unfolding based image restorationZheng, Hongyi
1998Defect analysis system for textile fabricChan, Leung-ngan William
2022Defending against advanced DDoS attacksMiu, Tung Ngai
2021Defending against asymmetric application-layer denial-of-service attacksWu, Shuohan
2022Defending against stealthy mobile unwanted appsZhou, Hao
2015Delay-constrained and energy-efficient distributed algorithms for computation-intensive applications in WSNSLin, Wanyu
2000Design & implementation of an Internet voting systemSo, Hon-lam
2021Design and analysis for embedded systems to meet resource constraintsZhang, Wei
2001Design and analysis of a public key-based mobile Internet protocolChan, Lai-kuen Perica
2010Design and analysis of robust techniques for inferring network path propertiesChan, Wun-Wah Edmond
2007Design and analysis of vehicle routing algorithms for logistics applicationsTan, Wei-heng
2016Design and develop an intelligent recommendation system : job candidate recommender for ITC industry in Hong KongLam, Sze Wang
2000Design and development of a model for Internet banking system : loan applicationTong, Kwun-yiu
1996Design and development of a retail information systemHo Tak-fun
2001Design and implementation of a Java card based Internet payment systemChin, King-ho
2017Design and implementation of a reading aid system for seniors : using automatic corrective zoomingCheung, Ho Tin
2002The design and implementation of a reliable monitor construct for distributed programmingCheung, King-cheung
2000Design and implementation of a rule-based financial analysis tool for security market trading over the web environmentLau, Man-kit Lawrence
2008Design and implementation of a WLAN based location positioning systemLam, Chung-chi