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2013Feature-preserving multilevel halftoning based on threshold decompositionWong, Lai Yan
2009Feature-preserving processing techniques for color filter array imagesChung, King-hong
2022Federated learning with GAN-based data synthesis for non-IID clientsLi, Zijian
2022FedPos : a federated transfer learning framework for CSI-based Wi-Fi indoor positioningGuo, Jingtao
2021Few-mode fiber characterization based on spatially and spectrally imaging techniqueYu, Jianxun
2014Fiber bragg gratings sensor systemHuang, Yuheng
2011Fiber laser based acoustic signal detection systemWu, Ketian
2020Fog based cooperative autonomous drivingYang, Dingyu
2012FPGA based bit error rate testerQiao, Xuelong
2015FPGA based feature detection and networking systemChen, Jieshi
2012FPGA based semiconductor laser temperature control systemZhao, Jingjing
2005Fractal-based techniques and their applicationsLai, Cheung-ming
2003From halftoning to compressing halftone imagesCheung, Sin-ming
2005Functional imaging techniques for liver kinetic modelingChen, Sirong
2010Fundamental research on electronic design automation in VLSI design : routabilityLu, Jingwei
2014Fusion of SNR-dependent PLDA models for noise robust speaker verificationPang, Xiao-min
1999Fuzzy techniques for modern train equipment maintenanceLau, Kong-lui
2009GA method for image registrationSun, Xin
2007Geometric positioning and mapping system by machine vision technologyLai, Chun-cheung
2010Graphic representation of atomistic simulation using GPUSong, Jiayu Michael