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2019Object detection in video surveillance using deep learning approachesHe, Chenhang
2000Object recognition using multi-resolution wavelet transformCheng, Kim-ho
2018On abstraction methodologies for RTL-based VLSI designs to maximize high-level synthesis design space exploration and applicationsMahapatra, Anushree
2010On driving techniques for high-brightness light-emitting diodesLun, Wai-keung
2016On storage, search and object identification of video sequenceWu, Hao
2011On the data imbalance problem in SVM-based subcellular localizationTang, Jing
2008On the implementation of IT service management in service outsourcing campusWan, Hon-chi Stewart
2000On the issues of power dissipation reduction in CMOS combinational logic circuitsTang, Siu-hei
2006On the restoration and formation of color-quantized imagesFung, Yik-hing
2021On the robustness of behavioural circuit design : from fault-tolerance to hardware securityBalachandran, Anjana
2000On-line recognition of digits and alphabetsTsang, Chi-hang Peter
2017On-road feature detection and data dissemination in vehicular ad-hoc networksWang, Yuhao
2022Optical communication and sensing devices based on specialty fibers assisted with novel materialsYuan, Weihao
2023Optical data transmission through scattering media in free space with single-pixel detectionPan, Zilan
2022Optical fiber sensing with deep learning for biomedical applicationChen, Shuyang
2014Optical fibre sensors for flow and pressure measurement in harsh environmentCho, Lok Hin
2022Optical frequency comb generation in coupled nonlinear microcavitiesCheng, Zihao
2023Optical sensing systems based on specialty optical fibersWang, Yu
2010Optical signal monitoring in phase modulated optical fiber transmission systemsZhao, Jian
2006Optimised queuing strategies for multi-level QoSYan, Ming-leong