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2004A validation study of the social functioning scale for persons with psychiatric illness in Hong KongWu, Ching-man
2008A validation study on Handwriting Ability Checklist (HAC)Tam, Ho-yan Teresa
2008A validation study on the Chinese short version of the evaluation instrument of chronic disease self-management programYue, Yee-wah Eva
2002A validation study on the contextual memory testWong, Sai-mai
2000Validity and reliability of the Chinese version of the Becker Work Adjustment ProfileLi, Suk-yin Rebecca
2006Validity and reliability of the grip tool of the Baltimore therapeutic equipment primus in different body positions of healthy subjectsFung, Yim-kwan
2001Validity and reliability of Tseng handwriting problem checklist for assessing the legibility of Chinese handwriting of kindergarten children in HongKongYang, Li-chien Hellen
1999Validity and reliability study of motor-free visual perception test-revisedWong, Oi-chun
1999Validity of community integration questionnaire in evaluating extent of community integration of individuals with brain injuryChan, Man-tai Edward
1998Validity of elderly mobility scale in assessing mobility level of elderly patients in hospitalsTsim, Kai-man
1999Validity of functional independence measure (Hong Kong version)Tse, Yee-wai Ewert
1998Validity of the elderly mobility scale in placement decisionYu, Siu-wai
2019The variation of integrin-β1, FAK, ERK on post-burn hypertrophic scars : an implication for pressure therapyZhang, Yuting
2006Vibrotactile imagery : neural correlates of older adults and patients suffered from strokeChow, Wai-sum Kari
2005Virtual reality training for stroke rehabilitationLam, Yat-san
2012A virtual reality-based vocational training system (VRVTS) for people with schizophrenia in vocational rehabilitationTsang, Mei-yi
2008Vocational needs of young adults with hearing impairmentChui, Shin-han Judy
2013Will sitting Tai Chi improve eye-hand coordination, sitting balance or the subjective well-being of institutionalized older adults?Lee, Yin Tak Ken
2006Work experiences of people with intellectual disabilities after the implementation of the integrated vocational rehabilitation modelHung, Suk-kuen Edith
1999Work exposure and cumulative trauma disorders among visual display terminal (VDT) users in Hong KongSiu, Zoe Kin-fun