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2015Regulatory focus compatibility, commitment and innovation in SME coopetitionsSzeto, Sin Ho Martin
2017The relationship between marketization degree and business efficiency of China trust industry刘屹; Liu, Yi
2018Returnee entrepreneurs' human capital, dual network and innovation performanceXu, Xianjin
2014The role of personal commitment in international buyer-seller relationshipsXu, Xiaodong
2015The role of social entrepreneurial competence in resource acquisition in social entrepreisesLeung, Pak Hang
2018See you next time, friend : the impact of online agents' social-media friend request on customer relationship formation李强; Li, Qiang
2016Share option plans, earnings management, and corporate goverance: an empirical analysis of listed firms in China王岳明; Wang, Yueming
2017Smiley on chest meets smiley on face : interactive impacts on customer perceptions of employee and service evaluationsNg, Yin Mei
2016Soe dominance and corporate diversification : evidence from Chinese stock marketsChen, Yang
2017Solvers' continued participation intention in crowdsourcing platforms : an empirical study of motivation, justice and self-efficacy in microtask crowdsourcingLeung, Shing Koon Gabriel
2012State control, corporate social performance and corporate financial performance in ChinaHo, Hoi Yin Pauline
2016Stigma-cleansing? The arty behavior, self-concept and psychological health of Chinese businessmen杨燕珊; Yang, Yanshan
2014The strategic implementation of market orientation culture : safeguarding customer value for better firm performanceCheng, Hiu Hung
2015A study of ingratiating behavior towards coworkersChan, Pui Shan
2016A study of the critical success factors of quality management in the civil construction industryWong, Kwok Keung
2018A study on impacts of collective pessimism on team performance and turnover : the moderating role of leader interpersonal emotion regulation strategies李凡; Li, Fan
2016A study on purchasing behavior of health supplement products based on perceived risk/benefit model : the moderating roles of country of origin and cultural value張力; Zhang, Li David
2016A study on the role of purchasing teams in promoting vendors' involvement in new product development: from boundary : spanning and psychological contract perspectives印少荣; Yin, Shaorong
2016The suitability study of supply chain strategy and supply chain system design吴忠胜; Wu, Zhongsheng
2014A test on a stock return forecast model : evidence from the Hong Kong marketLai, Wai Man