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2017Satellite detection and retrieval of Asian dust storms using MTSAT imageriesLi, Jing
2017Second-order direct analysis and design of long-span space roof trussTan, Weiqi
2013Selective sequestration of sodium dodecyl sulfate with functionalized zeolite for post-treatment of anaerobically-treated greywaterLeng, Ling
2017Shape-from-shadow for 3D surface reconstructionWu, Jiaqi
2019A simple and effective method for fusing satellite time-series data with different resolutionsWang, Jingtao
2016Simultaneous partial nitrification, anammox and denitrification (SNAD) and simultaneous partial nitrification and denitrification (SND) treating landfill leachatesHao, Shuai
2016SMA based rocking columnJin, Hao
2013Sodium dodecyl sulphate degradation by UV/H₂O₂for the post-treatment of anaerobic digestionWu, Junhao
2015Spatial analysis on economic urbanization and relationship with population in national geographic states monitoringXi, Yifan
2014Spatial analysis on economic urbanization in national geographic conditions monitoringJin, Rui
2014Spatial and temporal evolution of ground deformation in coastal zone by multi-temporal inSARLiang, Hongyu
2017Spatial, temporal and semantic analysis of instagram for community discovery in Hong KongZhang, Junwei
2014Spatial-temporal analysis of building surface temperatures in Hung HomZeng, Ying
2013Statistical counting methods for strain-based structural condition assessmentWang, Xiao
2013Strategies for managing construction workers with different ethnic backgroundsRen, Xue
2018Stripping of biogas and formation of elemental sulfur by sulfide oxidationGuan, Jianyu
2016The structural behavior of steel reinforced slag-fly ash based geopolymer concrete slabXue, Zhihang
2016Structural responses of S690 steel materials under low cycle high strain cyclic loadsXiao, Meng
2013A study of calculation of volume change for landslides in Hong Kong Island based on airborne lidar dataHan, Yao
2014Study of car park provision and traffic congestionHe, Qi