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2016Multi-objective optimal design of interior permanent magnet motors using finite element analysisWu, Huihuan
2018A new model of construction project management for mega-engineering projectsChon, Tsz Wai Jeremy
2019A new type nonlinear vehicle suspension with scissor-like elementsZhang, Weidi
2017Numerical investigation on the head-on droplet collisions under elevated pressures using front-tracking methodLi, Tianyao
2016Numerical study of ice accretion on airfoilLam, Ka Wai
2013Numerical study on damage detection of high speed train axleTang, Xuxin
2010On the coexistence of ultra wideband systems with selected wireless systemsWong, Sai-man
2011Optical Brillouin fiber sensor systemWang, Xue
2016Optical fiber photoacoustic gas sensorWang, Min
2019Optical information authentication via nonlinear correlation based on computer-generated hologramWang, Peifeng
2019Optical spectrometer based on smartphoneLi, Pengfei
2018Optimal design of a novel linear motor based on general topology patternsWang, Sigao
2016Optimal design of switched reluctance motor based on numerical computationZhang, Hengyu
2013Optimal dispatch for integrating renewable energy to the gridTong, Zhou
2012Optimal reactive power dispatchWang, Zhen
2014Optimisation of micro-grid systemTam, Serena Dorothy Man Hong
2014Optimization of aerodynamic performance for a hovering model flapping wing using CFDZhang, Hao
2016Optimization of multi-attribute multi-label object recognition using support vector machineCui, Zhenxi
2014Optimization of sparse sensor networks for damage identification using binary particle swarm optimizationWu, Bing
2014Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) for optical communicationZhang, Hao