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2017Carbon fiber composite structure batteryWu, Zhiwei
2017Carbon-silicon nanocomposite anodes for energy storagesMa, Yue
2011CCD spectrum data acquisition on FPGA and data signal processingHuang, Haiqing
2011Characterization of CZTS-based solar cell using 1/f noise and capacitance measurementsZhang, Tingjie
2016Characterizations of the reaction chambers of bombardier beetlesGuo, Zhenbin
2014Collaborative beamforming with multiple frequency waveform interferometry in wireless sensor networksSiu, Ting-wai
2018Combustion, thermal and emission characteristics of gas-fired inverse diffusion flames burning biogasLyu, Lei
2015Comparison of advanced modulaiton format for high capacity short reach optical transmission systemHan, Yingyi
2013Condition monitoring of escalator system using fibre bragg grating sensors and signal processing techniques : a case study of public service escalatorsKiang, Chung Chau Nefield
2020Consumer behavior analysis based on smartphone sensory data using mobile augmented reality frameworkYang, Fan
2018CoP@C nanocomposite and its application as anode materials for Li (Na)-ion batteryWang, Huizhong
2013CRM system study for billiard SME in ChinaLi, Chen Cathy
2012DE-based reactive power planning with wind power penetrationNiu, Ming
2019Deep learning for low-resolution human face image recognitionLiu, Pu
2021Deep learning techniques for structural health monitoring based on electromechanical impedance methodChoy, Wai Hing Alex
2016Design and analysis of synchronous machine based on finite element methodDuan, Yitong
2014Design and construction of a double-axis sun-tracking systemHao, Qian
2018Design and manufacture a device for measuring the thermal conductivity of materials with sub-millimeter dimensionsSha, Wenhao
2014Design of a quality analysis system for fuel injection spray by image processingTang, Liqun
2019Design of an omnidirectional three-tail bio-inspired autonomous underwater robotLi, Jianan