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2019Quality improvement and supply chain management model for equipment manufacturers in mainland ChinaLee, Bo Shing Alfred
2015Quantitative comparison of wind turbine generators using numerical modelingZhang, Kang
2016Quantum chemistry and chemical kinetics of large straight-chain hydrocarbons in aviation keroseneZhu, Yajie
2014Quantum dot sensitized solar cells based on different counter electrodesChen, Xiaoting
2015Real-time scene text identification using mobile devicesLiu, Xinmin
2011Secure radio link based on AES with low cost MCUKwan, King-lok
2019Semi-supervised learning for speech emotion recognitionLi, Yun
2015Sensory systems for sports applicationsLam, Tak Kai
2013Smart grid and energy policyWang, Xiaolin
2021Smart IoT with application to transportation and healthcareDing, Huijie
2015Stereoscopic fourier transform profilometryXu, Heng
2017Study of analysis for electromagnetic interference in DC/DC converter system of electric vehicleBao, Yude
2020A study of computational and human models of serendipitous information seekingLi, Yiu Keung
2019A study of friction, noise and wear particle emissions from copper-free friction materials sliding against cast ironJin, Duo
2013A study of knowledge audit and intellectual capital reporting of the quality assurance process in a multinational electronics manufacturing companyChan, Chi Wai
2012Study of multi-standard video codec processor architecture : a quantitative approachLo, Wing-Yee
2018Study on deformation behavior in micro-scaled plastic deformation of copperFang, Jieyichen
2018Study on size effect affected progressive and compound microforming of conical flanged parts directly using sheet metalsZheng, Junyuan
2019A study on spatial transformer networksLu, Chongkai
2020A study on the different types of knowledge transfer models and their impact on the performance of the new product development (NPD) processLee, Season