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1996A case study on the planning and activities of management development of a Hong Kong local hospitalPang, Chui-ping Phyllis
1997A case study on the unwanted fire alarmsIp, Sik-wing
1999Case-based reasoning in selection of centrifugal pumpNg, Yin-ngai
2001A case-based reasoning system for GSM cell fault diagnosisYip, Tak-pun Ben
2000CBR QoS measurement in ATM networks using a programmed ATM generatorNg, Chun-wah
1996Cell loss concealment coding for ATM videoLai, Wing-cheung
1999Challenging behaviors of patients with severe developmental disabilities in a hospitalChan, Wai-hung
1996The changing roles of middle managers: a case studyCho, Chui-ying
1996Character recognition using digitally implementable neural networkLee, Kin-sang Timothy
2000The characteristics and performance of Hong Kong joint ventures in The People's Republic of ChinaChan, Suk-yue Eunice
2000Characterization of a short carbon fiber reinforced new modified bismaleimide composite with special reference to bearing applicationGu, Chin
1998Characterization of new glass fibre reinforced modified bismaleimide compositesNg, Yeung-fat
2000China's stock market : structure, performance and prospectsAu, Cheung Eddie
2001Chinese text analyserMak, Sai-wai David
2002The Chinese urban senior traveler market and its potential for travel agency industryLuo, Jiang Bo Bob
1999A chipset design for VQ encoderChieng, Yu-kean
1998The clinical effect of oxygen supply by different lengths of nasal cannula from oxygen concentratorChan, Choi-wah
2002A clinical trial on the effectiveness of aloe vera based Vaseline and 99% aloe vera gel as preventive measure of skin reaction for Ca breast patients with chest wall irradiationYuen, Mei-yee
1999A closed-loop planning system with real-time dataWong, Hing-pui
1999Clothing needs for elderly womenLeung, Mai-ling Connie