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2010Transfer of retail management know-how to ChinaLiu, Yaping Laura
1999Transfer pricing regulations and their implications on foreign investors in ChinaChan, Po-kuen Peggy
2016The transference of cuisine and Michelin rated restaurants : a chef's perspective of Japanese cuisine in Hong KongBaldwin, Watson Maceo
2008Transferring technology from university to industry in a low absorptive capacity environment : nanotechnology and the Hong Kong textile industryWong, Hung-ho Maurice
2000Transformation from OEM to OBM : a case study of a hi-tech companyLee, Kwong-kin Alex
2023A transformation of Hong Kong locals after COVID-19 – the ripple effect on cultivating revisit food and beverage customers through packagesIp, Po Kan Ive
1998The transformation of the global telecoms markets and its impact on the telecom market in Hong Kong; HongKong Telecom Ltd's strategies to sustain, maintain and grow its businessLau, Pik-chun Carria
2015Transformation of urban historic districts into tourism and recreational attraction areas : a tale of two case studies in ChinaZhong, Shiyun
2000Transformation of worldwide electricity industry towards competitive market : determinants, strategies and paradigmsYang, Ming-choi
2021Transformation optics and topological phases of chiral photonic crystalsLau, Ting Wai
2000Transformations of spatial representation in scale dimensionChoi, Yuen-hang
2007Transformative learning process of MSW China students in social work fieldwork placement : exploratory case studiesFok, Siu-ling Ellen
2023Transformer approach on source code vulnerability detectionWong, Ying Kit
2023Transformer-based textual out-of-distribution detection : methods and analysisZhan, Liming
2021Transforming existing urban housing estates into age-friendly communities in China : a multi-agent platform for the briefing stageXiang, Liqun
2023Transforming to eudaimonia via sparking journeys : an embodied approachXu, Wenqing
1993Transforming women managers in Hong KongLee, Siu-ling Rebecca
2022Transient analysis and protection design for power distribution line systems against lightning using a hybrid PEEC-MTL methodCao, Jinxin
1995Transient analysis of soft-switching converters by continuous monitoring of switchesLo, Cheuk-fan
1995Transient stability assessment through transient energy function methodIp yan-fuk