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1996Test program development in VLSI testingCheung, Kam-tim
1996A test program generator for automatic test equipmentNg, Wai-leung
2003Testing multimedia software using Hybrid Control Flowgraph-Petri Net approachCheng, Ka-fai
1997Testing of projection formula for the requirements of operating theatres in public hospitals of Hong KongLee, Yuen-yin Rosa
2014Testing serial correlation in partially linear additive modelsYang, Jin
2001Text dependent speaker verification with Hidden Markov ModelWoo, Chi-wang
1998Text-independent speaker verification based on vector quantizationWong, Chuen-kau
1998A text-independent speaker verification system based on Gaussian mixture speaker modelsWong, Chi-bun
2012Texton encoding based texture classification and its applications to hand-back skin texture analysisXie, Jin
2023Textual variations between translated and non-translated English corporate annual reports : a corpus-assisted investigationWang, Zhongliang
2014The texture of multimodal metaphors in audiovisual moving imagesLam, Yiu Shun Wilson
2014TFE3, a novel diagnostic marker for solid pseudopapillary tumor of pancreasChan, San Sheung
2008The theme park experience : its nature, antecedents and consequencesLo, Shuk-ting Doris
2011Theoretical analysis of effects caused by mixing proportion on plume potentialZhao, Le
2020Theoretical and experimental analysis of machinability and surface integrity of bulk metallic glass in ultra-precision diamond cuttingChau, Sau Yee
2015Theoretical and experimental investigation of 3D-structured surface generation by computer controlled ultra-precision polishingHo, Lai Ting
2020Theoretical and experimental investigation of carbide-bonded graphene-assisted hot embossing of plano-convex glass microlens arraysYang, Gao
2022Theoretical and experimental investigation of the tool indentation effect on ultra-precision tool servo diamond cutting of three-dimensional microstructured surfacesYuan, Wei
2023Theoretical and experimental investigations of magnetic field-assisted ultra-precision machining of titanium alloysKhalil, Ahmed Kamel Ali Bayoumy
2003Theoretical and experimental studies on dynamic impact on brittle solidsWu, Shengzhi