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2012Higher education system model building and e-learning contribution evaluation : a case study in Polytechnic University of Hong KongNiu, Chenqing
2006Highly birefringent photonic crystal fibers and sensorsJu, Jian
2003Highly efficient asymmetric synthesis of novel diphosphine ligands with additional chiral centers on the backbone and their applications in asymmetric hydrogenation reactionsQiu, Liqin
2016Highly efficient multifunctional recyclable nanocomposite adsorbent as scavenger for water cleaningKam, Ki Fung
2018Highly flexible solution-processed solar cellsZhang, Yaokang
2015Highly sensitive biosensor based on organic electrochemical transistorsMak, Chun Hin
1998Histochemical localization of constitutive and induced nitric oxide synthase in big head carp (Aristichthys nobilis) using NADPH-diaphorase activitystainingHan, Kam-chu
2008A histological study of the effect of static traction on degenerated intervertebral disc using an in-vivo rat-tail modelLau, Fung-ling
2008A histological study of the effects of electro-acupuncture on intervertebral disc with simulated degeneration using an in vivo rat tail modelLeung, Sha-sha
2001Histone H2B genes of the mole ratsChan, Wing-chuen Gary
2012Historic building conservation for Hong Kong modelWang, Nianyi
2015Historical traffic-tolerant paths in road networksLi, Pui Hang
2002HK distributors of material handling equipment in China : experiences and challengesChoi, Hi-fai Albert
2001The HMG1 genesLum, Hon-kei
2017Hofstede's cultural indices revisited : the relationship between cultural values and international tourismAhn, Michael Jiwon
2007Holdup time improvement methods for DC-DC switching mode power suppliesNg, Weng-fai
1997"Holistic assessment : what goes on in the raters' minds?"Chow, Ha-nai Hesione
2015Holistic evaluation of corruption issues in the Chinese public construction sectorShan, Ming
2018Holistic integration for children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in their school life with inter-professional collaborationChan, Kwok Luen Adam
1999Home automation system via optical fiberKwong, Kam-wai