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2006Friction-based control of building complex for seismic mitigation : numerical and experimental studiesNg, Chi-lun
2015From "made in China" to "created in China" : a study of nurturing students' creativity in animation education in ChinaMa, Chi Fai Henry
2003From freight forwarder to third party logistics provider : a Hong Kong perspectiveKo, Kwok-kong
2019From greenway to sustainable tourism : experiential learningZhang, Shiqin
2003From halftoning to compressing halftone imagesCheung, Sin-ming
2002From message conveyance to meaning creation : a preliminary discussion on creativity in advertisingChan, Tai-yan Paul
2018From play to work : an exploratory study on the casual leisure experience and career adaptability in life and career planning of non-engaged young people in Hong KongLam, Kwok Keung Kent
2006From problems to best practices : a management framework for facility management outsourcing from a client's perspectiveChung, Sai-cheong Keith
2002From ritual lament to public discourse : some observations on the changing perception of fate among Hong Kong Chinese womenHo, Yuk-ying
2016From Snow White to Elsa : Disney princesses and ideologyTse, Tin Wan Tiffany
2019From survival to development : strategic resource mobilization of social work organization CEOs in mainland ChinaWu, Juan
2021From unidimensional sequence prediction to multidimensional spatial prediction with deep neural networksLi, Zhuo
2015FRP-confined curvilinearized square concrete columns under axial compressionZhu, Jiongyi
2008FRP-confined RC columns : analysis, behavior and designJiang, Tao
1996Full search & tree search vector quantization of imagesChan, Sai-kin Toby
2019A full-stack approach to implement autonomous driving technology for low-speed delivery applicationsHu, Sai
2017Function-led design of multifunctional stimuli-responsive superhydrophobic surface based on hierarchical graphene-titania nanocoatingLiu, Yang
2014Functional and structural reorganization in relation to functional outcomes after stroke : insights from magnetic resonance imagingWong, Wan Wa
2019Functional characterization and clinical relevance of ubiquitin conjugating enzyme E2T in hepatocellular carcinomaHo, Pui Yu
2018Functional characterization of adipocytes in regulation of liver cancer stem cellsGurung, Shilpa