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2018Ferroelectric relaxor ceramics with tunable photoluminescence propertiesSun, Hailing
2018Ferroelectric resistive switching for non-volatile memory applicationYau, Hei Man
2008Ferromagnetic metal-polymer nanocomposites for magnetic sensing applicationsKwong, Ho-yin Anthony
2012Ferromagnetism in carbon-doped ZnO thin films and nanostructuresWei, Changsong
2021Few-mode fiber characterization based on spatially and spectrally imaging techniqueYu, Jianxun
2024Few-shot intent detection with pre-trained language models: transferability, expressiveness and efficiencyZhang, Haode
2021Fiber bragg grating-based multi-dimensional sensing and their applications using multi-core fibersCui, Jingxian
2014Fiber bragg gratings sensor systemHuang, Yuheng
2011Fiber laser based acoustic signal detection systemWu, Ketian
2009Fiber optic monitoring and performance evaluation of geotechnical structuresZhu, Honghu
2003Fiber optic white light interferometric sensors for structural monitoringYuan, Libo
2023Fiber optical interferometric sensors for water quality monitoringNoman, Abdullah Al
2019Fiber optics sensor technologies for innovative condition monitoring applicationsLai, Chun Cheung
2006Fiber ring lasers and all-optical signal processing devices for wavelength-division multiplexing systemsQureshi, Khurram Karim
1997Fibre-optic acoustic sensing of the presence and location of partial discharges in a high-voltage power transformerYeung, Kwong-tung Tony
2000Fibre-optic sensors using long-period gratings and microlens arraysLiu, Shun-yee Michael
2019Fiducial-aided calibration and positioning system for precision manufacturing of freeform surfacesWang, Shixiang
2012Field analysis and high frequency conversion for multi-coils induction heating appliancesMeng, Lichan
2009Field investigation of water soluble ionic species in aerosols and the formation of fine sulfate and nitrate in the atmosphereWu, Wai-shing
2017Field measurements and analysis of surface rail induced vertical ground vibrationsCheng, Ka Man